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1997 Articles

FALL 1997
Select the Proper Bus for Your Valve Application
By Ross Kunz

Testing the Fugitive Emission Standards
By Matthew J. Wasielewski

Selecting a Safe Service Contractor
By Ronald L. Allen

API 598 Seventh Edition: Valve Inspection and Testing
By R.H. MacDonald

Packings & Gaskets: Keeping Plants Safer & Operations Smoother
By Brooke C. Stoddard

ASME Section VIII: Pressure Vessels
By the VMA Pressure Relief Valve Committee

An Analysis of Nuclear Check Valve Performance by Valve Type
By K.L. McEhlaney

Smart Valve Technology: Digital Positioners
By Bruce Gumstrup

Optimizing Bellows Seal Valve Selection

By Bruce Grumstrup

Basic Principles & Practices of Desuperheating
By W.W. Mott

Balancing Fluid Networks Using Three-Way-By-Pass Valves
By Grahame Leslie

ASME Section IV: Heating Boilers
By The VMA Pressure relief Valve Committee

Material Hardness: What It Is, What It Means, and What It Doesn't Mean
By Don Bush

Excellence in Product Development Through Innovative Engineering Design
By Christian P. Burger

ASME Section III: Review and Summary
By the VMA Pressure Relief Valve Committee

Selecting a Steel Casting Supplier
By Dennis Allen and Raymond W. Monroe
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