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1994 Articles

FALL 1994
Improvements in Materials Used in Valve Manufacturing
By Brooke C. Stoddard

Knowledge Networking
By Ronald J. Bennett, Ph. D.

Sanitary Equipment is Crucial to Diary Industry
By Betsey T. Lyon

Advances in Coatings and Platings
By Marvin E. Beasley, P.E.

Introducing Valve Magazine's Editorial Review Board

By Lisa M. Cherubini

Changing Times in the Petrochemical Industry
By T. Lynn Ash

Gaskets: Advances in Testing
By Jim Lingenfelder

Fire Safety: The Valves are Better, But Old Issues Remain
By Brooke C. Stoddard

The State of the Economy and the European Valve Industry
By Werner Engelhardt

Valve Maintenance to Optimize Performance
By Gene Crouch

The Design & Performance of Valve Stem Packings to Control Fugitive Emissions
By Christian Dresch

How Customers Influence Design in Valve Manufacturing
By David Plum

The Effects of Improper Boiler Water Treatment on Safety Valves
By Randall J. Miller

New Strategies in Mechanical Design Automation

By Samuel Rose

Computers in Valve Repair
By Kevin Kruse & Dana Bresler

Forgings Versus Steel Castings
By Felicia Miller Day

Factors That Affect the Accuracy of Method 21
By Patrick M. Dolan

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