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The Adventures of Duke Waters: Chapter 2

Editor’s Note: We continue the series written by John Ballun, president and CEO of Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corp. and released in 2016 as a book dedicated to the mentors that saved him and others from making costly mistakes in the field. Ballun’s enlightening and humorous stories are a popular read in the valve world.

The central character, Duke Waters, is a compilation of Ballun’s mentors; the stories are about what he learned. This second installment tells how John met his mentor and is an excerpt from the book’s second chapter. VALVEMagazine.com will be running other chapters over the coming months.

How Does the Gig Economy Affect Your Search for Good Employees?

In November, the latest 2018 skills gap study from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute projected that 2.4 million skilled jobs will go unfilled in manufacturing between 2018 and 2028. That could mean $454 billion in manufacturing GDP at risk in 2028 and more than $2.5 trillion over the next decade.

With these kinds of projections facing manufacturers, it is easy to see why every possible scenario must be considered to fill those jobs, including what is now known as the “gig economy”.

The Adventures of Duke Waters

Editor’s Note: In 2016, John Ballun, released a collection of enlightening and sometimes humorous engineering stories based on what he learned over the years from numerous mentors.

He dedicated the book to those mentors, who he said were “talented and seasoned engineers and business professionals, who had many occasions” to save him from making mistakes. The central character, Duke Waters, is a compilation of the mentors; the stories are about what he learned.

Here’s an excerpt of the first chapter of Ballun’s book. VALVEMagazine.com will be running other chapters over the coming months.

Managing Unconscious Bias

Many believe that if we hire people of different nationality, race and gender, we have a diverse workplace. But just having a collection of people with different backgrounds, religions or sexual orientations in the mix does not mean that the team and the members in it will benefit from that mix. Diversity is not the same as inclusion.

Standardization and JIP33: What Does it Mean for You?

The facts are staggering. Worldwide, 76% of all oil and gas projects run over budget, with an average budget overrun at 52%! Additionally, 55% of all projects are not finished on time, and the average schedule overrun is 37% of the original allotted time.

The costs are astronomical, inspiring the World Economic Forum (WEF) to get involved with the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) to find a solution that lies in standardization.

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