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More Website Tools for the Taking

This is an expanded version of an article that appeared in the summer 2011 edition of Valve Magazine.

The days when companies populated their websites primarily with PDFs of catalogs, a few paragraphs “About the Company,” a list of “Contacts,” and highlights of “Products” and “Customers Served” are behind us. Savvy companies today know that to draw customers and potential customers to their sites requires coming up with ways to add value to those who visit. After all, the world is now bombarded with places to go on the Web so companies need to find reasons why people should visit their website.

One of the ways many valve and actuator companies are appealing to Internet audiences is to offer useful and unique technology tools. Valve Magazine took a spin around VMA member websites and asked companies to share some of what they offer. We found an array of diagnostic and other software, helpful tools such as calculators, and a wealth of informational papers and articles.


Cameron International Valves & Measurement has compressor sizing software for free download: eAjax, Superior Compass (basic and complete) and Superior Cascade, which use thermodynamic modeling. Go to the Resources List, Search by Category, and then scroll down to Compressor Sizing Software. At the same location are a configurator (available only to signed-in members), downloadable firmware, plus a number of software programs for cone meter sizing, cooling towers and more.


Crane Energy Flow Solutions has come up with a list of its own experts and listed them on its site. Subjects are broken down by valve type and are further broken into subcategories. Those seeking information can click on the appropriate email address for answers. Also from Crane, the 2009 edition of Crane’s Technical Paper No. 410 (www.tp410.com) introduced Web-based calculators that can solve equations found within the paper.



DeZurik has its Alpha-I Valve sizing program available for free download. While the software is intended for use with Dezurik’s own valves, the reference material provided includes a good deal of universally useful information, tables and equations.



Dresser (now GE Energy) has a good selection of material, available at both the Dresser Masoneilan and Dresser Consolidated websites under the heading of “Customer Tools.” Included are descriptions and demos of ValvKeep, fully-customizable valve maintenance and management software that enables the user to keep a centralized database of the service and repair histories of pressure relief valves, control valves and other equipment; ValScope Pro valve management software; EVT, an in-situ electronic valve tester; and the ValVue Lite Software Suite that allows the user to monitor the device information, change its operation state, set and stroke the valve, operate the PID, and perform calibration, configuration and tuning.


Available for direct download are the ValSpecQ sizing, selection and specification tool (includes an interface with Intergraph’s INtools program), plus a set of digital communications software packages for company products.



Emerson Process Management has a video center that offers a host of educational demo videos on a number of technical topics related to the types of products the company makes. The videos review the features of the specific technologies and explain how they work. The topics are divided into different categories including Valves & Regulation, Systems & Software, Wireless, Safety, Measurement & Analytical and Asset Reliability. Each video features Emerson technical experts that focus on their area of expertise, and each of the categories have dozens of videos that show hands-on how the technology works. There’s also a good selection of technical articles written for industry magazines by Emerson people over the years.

In addition, Emerson’s ASCO Valve business has a set of interactive valve sizing programs for liquids, gases and steam, plus a unit conversion calculator.

In the regulator area, Emerson’s Fisher unit has a series of tutorials on regulators in PDF form. Titles include Regulator Control Theory, Regulator Components, Introduction to Regulators, Principles of Operations & Regulator Sizing Theory, Vacuum Control, Valve Sizing (Standardized Method), Temperature Considerations, Sulfide Stress Cracking, Reference, Glossary, and a Complete Technical Section.


Farris Engineering (a division of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control) offers a free download of SizeMaster Mark IV, a tool that can help size and select the right pressure-relief valve for a job. The tool calculates the pressure relief valve orifice area required to relieve any process scenario or combination of scenarios (such as blocked flow, fire vapor generation or liquid expansion), under best-case and worst-case conditions. The tool is available at no cost to registered users.

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