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Improving Valve Sealing Performance and Reliability

Improving Valve Sealing Performance and ReliabilityApproximately 300,000 tons of fugitive emissions are released each year in the United States, according to the Fluid Sealing Association, and regulations put in place to lower that number are being added every year.

Combine that regulatory pressure and the stresses of today’s economic environment, and it is obvious that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users are increasingly seeking solutions that not only reduce emissions but also result in a permanent and noticeable increase in the service life of their products and equipment. Performance, value, reliability, repeatability and safety are all factors that are taken into account when developing and purchasing products to perform in this environment.

Smart Analytics and the Power Sector

Smart Analytics and the Power Sector 5While mountains of data are being created everywhere in the commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors, problems arise when determining how to handle all of that information and make it a valuable part of the business.

In his presentation during VMA’s 2014 Market Outlook Workshop in Boston, Scott Tampke of Black and Veatch encouraged attendees to carefully consider the increasing need for smart analytics to make it easier for those in the manufacturing and power sectors to utilize all of that data. He pointed out that, “Leveraging data produced from smart systems is a critical success factor in power and all other industries,” said Tampke. “The challenge is knowing how to convert data into knowledge, and data analytics play a critical role.”

Understanding and Choosing Waterworks Valve Flanges

Understanding and Choosing Waterworks Valve FlangesPART TWO: Construction and Installation

(Ed. Note: The first part of this article is available in the Fall 2014 issue of VALVE Magazine. Read the online version HERE.)

Part One provided a thorough explanation of the variables and ratings that affect flange ratings. But that’s only a piece of the picture. This article, part two, describes how flanges are produced and the accepted methods for use and installation.

Innovative, Practical Corrosion-Resistant Coatings

Innovative Practical Corrosion-Resistant CoatingsLike anything made of metal, valves are subject to corrosion that compromises performance. Aluminum alloys are widely used for valves because of their low density and positive mechanical properties. Unfortunately, serious corrosion problems can occur when aluminum alloys are exposed to corrosive environments.

Magnetic Valve Breakthrough

Magnetic Valve BreakthroughThe topic of controlling or monitoring fugitive emissions is an ever-present discussion in the valve community. Regulation standards get tighter and environmental impacts continue to drive innovation as new technology is released. A trustworthy valve or valve actuator that completely eliminates fugitive emissions might be considered the Holy Grail of the industry for particular applications.

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