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Magnetic Valve Breakthrough

Magnetic Valve BreakthroughThe topic of controlling or monitoring fugitive emissions is an ever-present discussion in the valve community. Regulation standards get tighter and environmental impacts continue to drive innovation as new technology is released. A trustworthy valve or valve actuator that completely eliminates fugitive emissions might be considered the Holy Grail of the industry for particular applications.

Equipment Mapping Process Streamlines Repairs

Equipment Mapping Process Streamlines RepairsAll of industry relies on properly working equipment and well-trained staff to operate and maintain their facilities. However, when staff relies on outdated information or incorrect tagging, the risk of serious safety and reliability problems increases as does the cost of doing business.

Anyone who has provided valve repair services for any amount of time will have run into situations where certain elements necessary to complete a job were missing. It might be that an unknown safety factor for the removal of a piece of equipment did not come to light until the start of the job.

Repairing Hydraulic Servo Valves in Seismic Vibrator Trucks

Seismic Vibrator TrucksSeismic vibrator trucks (aka “thumper trucks”) send shockwaves deep into the earth’s subsurface to locate untapped hydrocarbon reserves for the oil & gas industry.

These shock/soundwaves reflect back to the surface, where they are picked up and recorded by geophones. This seismic data is later imaged with advanced software (think: ultrasounds) and analyzed by geologists who advise oil companies on where to drill for oil reserves.

Introducing Innovative Technology to Valve and Actuator Industries

Introducing Innovative TechnologyIn deeply conservative industries, the introduction of new products or technology is subject to a particular circular logic. Users only want to buy new products that have had significant field experience, but significant field experience cannot be obtained until users buy and install the new product. This is a common problem and a serious obstacle for new product introduction.

However, this catch-22 can be overcome by careful marketing communication of the procedures used to validate the technology and the advantages to be gained by its deployment.

Impacts of Leaking Valves

Impacts of Leaking ValvesThe VMA’s recent Technical Seminar focused in large part on fugitive emissions, and with good reason. Plant and community safety, air quality and loss of product are all affected by emissions, so it is in the best interests of refiners, chemical companies, valve manufacturers and citizens to keep them as low as possible.

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