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Noise from Cavitation: Bad for Control Valves, Bad for Equipment

noise from cavitation 1Just as sound can have negative effects on the human body, certain frequencies can play havoc on industrial equipment. When control valves are not selected appropriately, there is an increased risk for cavitation, which causes high noise and vibration levels, resulting in very rapid damage to the valve's internals and/or the downstream piping. In addition, high noise levels usually cause vibration that can damage piping, instruments and other equipment.

Modular Gas Valves: An Insiders’ Guide to Technology Breakthroughs

Burner FlamesThe main line of defense in combustion devices such as burners and boilers is fuel gas shutoff valves. They are key to safe operation of equipment for nonresidential comfort heating, commercial and industrial heating, and power and steam generation applications.

While conventional modular gas valves are popular and effective, the latest gener-ation of valves has seen dramatic improvements in design. Recent technological advance¬ments offer breakthrough features and benefits. These include higher flows, more compact footprints, and greater modularity and flexibility for downsizing fuel train components. They also include broad¬er temperature ranges, higher close-off pressures, more immediate availability and reduced costs of ownership.

In Line Weld Repairs of Valve Defects

Valve Repair Activities per ASME Section I & B31.1

Photo 1 WEBSIZEIf you have valves in your plant manufactured from F-91 or C12A material you may have problems and need repair services. In a 2-year period at our valve service company, a number of valuable observations were made about the cause of repairs necessitated by defects or operation, and the most effective solutions.

Offshore High Pressure Relief Valve

Riser PipesOil wells drilled in deep waters typically face many difficulties with pressure, especially as the wells are placed on the bottom of the ocean floor. Oil and gas recovered from this depth can see pressures ranging 5,000 PSIG to 30,000 PSIG and possibly higher when flowing out of the well into the riser pipes. This is where many of the problems begin, and is the inspiration for development of valve technology that can withstand these extremely high pressures.

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