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SMRs Present Opportunities for Valve Manufacturers

Terra Power small scale reactorIn Part One of our two-part series on small modular reactors (SMRs), we introduced several projects in development, and presented a few of the situations in which SMRs could provide a reliable, economically sound solution for power production. In this final installment, we examine the challenges for these projects and the opportunities valve manufacturers could see in this sector.

Solutions to the Engineering Skills Crisis

Solutions to the Engineering Skills CrisisWhile plans to build billions of dollars worth of petrochemical plants, gathering and transportation pipelines are set for the next decade, there is concern that labor shortages in crafts, trades and design technicians could raise costs and delay commissioning of these important projects. Among those in short supply are valve engineers, piping engineers and designers, and according to William G. Beazley, who spoke at a recent gathering of valve professionals, the shortage could be called a skills crisis.

3D Printing: Changing Industry in Many Ways

3D partsIt’s known by many names: additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, layered manufacturing, direct digital manufacturing and, most often, 3D printing. Over the past couple of years, businesses and entrepreneurs, including valve and actuator manufacturers, have started using 3D printing to create prototypes, manufacture short-run products, and shave time and money off production processes.

Forensic Engineering Tracks Valve Failures

skylineDue in part to the condominium boom, there have been a large number of suite HVAC unit isolation brass ball valve failures reported in fan coil or heat pump based heating/cooling systems high rise buildings. Due to the high density of residential suites in these buildings, each leak from a failed valve typically results in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in property damage. Furthermore, multiple valve failures have often occurred in one building, leading to the building developer or condominium corporation undertaking an effort to replace all of the valves in the building. The replacement of all valves in a building may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and result in separate lawsuits from property damage claims.

Solar-Thermal Power: A Shining Example of Clean Energy

Solar-Thermal Power 1Modern solar thermal systems are capable of producing large quantities of clean energy. One of the most impressive commercial scale projects is just outside Las Vegas, Nevada, near the home of one of the most impressive hydro plants in the country.

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