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Valve Inspection: An Essential Job

Valve InspectionIndustrial valves perform key functions in fluid processes and their failure can be detrimental to any major piping system or process. Failure and an unplanned system shutdown can cost millions of dollars. Hence, a valve failure represents a real and significant risk to any fluid system and should be mitigated through quality inspection and testing.

Global sourcing of many components, the retirement of our most experienced personnel, and the increase in corporate acquisitions all affect valve factories today. Thus, purchasers of critical valves should embrace a robust quality-inspection program to mitigate the risks associated with the purchase and installation of industrial valves. Additionally, the manufacture of valves today may include advanced, complex technologies and features that require robust valve inspection programs.

Lifecycle Management of Pressure Relief Valves

Accurately specified and appropriately maintained pressure relief valves (PRVs) are critical to protect plant personnel and equipment against unexpected overpressure events. Effective lifecycle management of PRVs can significantly improve operational efficiency ensuring safety, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing plant reliability.

Understanding Surface Finish in Metal 3D Printing of Valves

While metal AM provides a host of positive advantages, it’s important to understand the realities of as-printed surface roughness. This understanding will help valve design and engineering teams understand the costs associated with bringing 3D printed parts to a suitable finish.

Among the benefits of metal 3D printing are product-development flexibility and the ability to produce parts so complex they’d be impossible using conventional methods. While these positives are significant, there’s one area in which metal AM has historically struggled: surface finish.

The Evolution of Control Valve Diagnostics

How much can you do with 3.6 mA of power?

According to Leo Hughes, training and development manager at Baker Hughes, this simple question has challenged some of the best minds in the field since the 1990s.

In his presentation at VMA’s 2018 Knowledge Forum, Hughes pointed out that we are now in the third decade of loop-powered digital positioner designs and many manufacturers’ design engineers have squeezed out most of the performance capabilities allowed by their designs. More recently, they have renewed their focus on control valve diagnostics.

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