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The U.S. Economy: A Curve in the Road

The U.S. Economy A Curve in the RoadDr. Alan Beaulieu is a frequent presenter at VMA events, with an impressive record for accurately predicting economic developments. In a webinar early in December, Beaulieu shared what he and his team at ITR Economics foresee going into 2016 and early 2017.

Highlights from API’s Tanks, Valves and Piping Conference 2015

Highlights from APIs Tanks Valves and Piping Conference 2015At this year’s API Tanks, Valves and Piping Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Oct. 14-15, more than a dozen presenters shared their expertise in the installation, repair and maintenance of valves, pipes and tanks. Those in the valve track delved into the challenges of interpreting and meeting standards for valves while ensuring the safety and profitability of their enterprises. As is the case in most any gathering of valve professionals, the subject of fugitive emissions was uppermost on the minds of many, as was ensuring the safety and profitability of refineries, pipelines and chemical process plants in the face of a challenging economic environment.

Commercial Construction on the Rise

commercial construction 2rev“While single family building normally dominates the construction market, right now, multi-family building is on fire!” said Richard Branch of Dodge Data and Analytics during his opening statement at the 2016 VMA Market Outlook event held in August.

2016 Market Outlook: Mostly Cloudy

mow 2016 1 newWhile the shale gas boom continues to play an important part in the economic well-being of the United States, it was the price of oil that was foremost in the minds of presenters and attendees alike at VMA’s 2016 Market Outlook event held in Chicago this month.

Leadership: The Essential Ingredient to Lean Transformation

image1The 2015 VMA Manufacturers Workshop featured a two-day intensive workshop on Lean Leadership. All of the sessions at this year’s conference, held April 30-May 2 in Nashville, TN, were designed to help managers, supervisors and team members acquire a more functional understanding of the key leadership skills needed to facilitate and sustain a lean transformation. That is achieved when leaders have the skills essential to successfully implement the lean philosophy and they must work collaboratively with different personalities and styles to create a cohesive workforce that focuses on lean processes (striving to become more efficient and precise). The ultimate goal of lean leadership is a workforce fully committed to the approach and driven by principles focused on problem solving, effectively implementing change, defining and achieving goals, and being more accountable.

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