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Smart Actuation: Where We’re At, Where We’re Going

roadWhat might be around the next curve for smart actuators? Before suggesting some answers to that question, let’s first discuss how today’s actuators evolved.

Actuator Types

Most valve actuators used for isolating valves fall into two main categories, based on the power source used:

  1. Electrically powered actuators: typically use three-phase power to drive a motorized gear mechanism to operate any type of valve.
  2. Fluid-powered actuators: use pneumatic, hydraulic or electrohydraulic power on either a rack and pinion or a scotch yoke mechanism for moving a quarter-turn valve.

Prosperity in the Age of Decline

BEAULIEU-SCREEN-75THIn his address to VMA’s Annual Meeting in September, ITR Economist Alan Beaulieu was generally optimistic. “Life is good right now in the U.S.,” said Beaulieu. “The 2014 rate of economic growth was a bit higher than the 3.8% we had projected, and while the rate of growth will slow a bit in 2015, it is still expected to rise by 2.4% next year.”

Ingenuity Rules at Emerson Exchange

Steve SonnenbergThe theme of this year’s Exchange was “Inspiring Ingenuity,” and ingenuity was definitely demonstrated in the hundreds of workshops, short courses and technology and industry forums held over the five days.

The event started off with an address by Steve Sonnenberg, executive vice president of Emerson and president of Emerson Process Management. He reminded the assemblage of more than 3,200 people what it was like to be a child, when the sky was the limit and we felt that everything was possible. He encouraged everyone to remember how it felt to let our imagination run free, and allow that spark to spur ingenuity.

The 2015 Economic Outlook: U.S. and Global

2015 Economic OutlookA comprehensive report on VMA’s annual Market Outlook event held in Boston is being featured in the Fall 2014 issue of VALVE Magazine. But there was much more information disseminated at the workshop than could be fit into the pages available, so here is our report on the U.S. and international economic forecasts shared during the event.

Highlights from VMA’s 2014 Market Outlook Workshop

MOW 2014It was record attendance at this year’s Market Outlook Workshop with more than 125 people from both VMA and the Hydraulic Institute gathered at the historic Langham Hotel in Boston.

Opening the meeting was Thomas Decker, VP and Atlantic Coast Area leader of Brown and Caldwell, who asked attendees if they thought the water and wastewater market was represented by the title of the classic novel, “Watership Down.” His response: It’s not quite that bad.

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