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Midstream: The Growing Process Segment

midstreamWhile the traditional view of the oil and gas distribution system held only two segments, upstream and downstream, the now more widely accepted model shows three segments. All of the processes between the wellhead and the refinery gate are now considered “midstream.” In his presentation at VMA’s Leadership forum in Dallas, January 2013, Paul Hart, editor of Midstream Business, analyzed the opportunities in this segment of the oil and gas industry.

Market Outlook 2013: Power Industry

geraghtyA report from the VMA Market Outlook Workshop, held in August 2012:

The best bet for manufacturers selling to the power industry is the international market, especially in coal, according to Kevin Geraghty, VP of Power Generation for NV Energy. Despite the fact there is such a huge push in the developed world for renewables to be a larger part of the energy mix, the developing world is seeking a low-cost, high efficiency base load power to improve citizens’ standard of living.

Hydraulic Fracking: Initiatives Coming

stuart kemp

A report from the VMA Market Outlook Workshop, held in August 2012:

Although hydraulic fracturing of shale rock (fracking) has received some bad publicity, the reality is that there has never been even one confirmed instance of groundwater being tainted anywhere in the world from the process, according to Stuart Kemp, assistant general counsel at Halliburton Energy Services.

What’s in Store for 2013?

audience from back arevawebA report from the VMA Market Outlook Workshop, held in August 2012:

Attendees at this year’s workshop were buoyed by relatively positive messages from all of the speakers, including Alan Beaulieu of the Institute for Trend Research and Michael Halloran of Robert W. Baird and Company.

Market Outlook 2013: Brazil

garman at podium

A report from the VMA Market Outlook Workshop, held in August 2012:

In the last few years, Brazil has been an important and growing market for manufacturers. But Christopher Garman, Director, Latin America and Emerging Market Strategy of the Eurasia Group, noted that its economy is slowing down, partially due to interventionism and protectionism, but also due to the fact that the growth model based on consumption could be reaching its limit there as in other parts of the world.

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