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Industrial Outlook: Continued Strength in Planned Project Spending

ind_outlook_1Continued strength in North American industrial project activity in November lent support to a gradually strengthening U.S. economy. According to an analysis by Industrial Info—a leading provider of global industrial market intelligence—the North American Industrial Spending Index rose 30% compared to year-earlier scheduled project spending. In fact, November marked the 12th consecutive month this index has shown double-digit increases in industrial project spending. (See chart, Year over Year Change).


It’s a Different World, Forecasters Proclaim

market outlookWhen speakers at the VMA Market Outlook Workshop walked into the presentation room in August of this year, they faced a situation where federal budget battles, a wildly fluctuating stock market, the first-ever downgrading of U.S. credit standing and other developments had pulled the rug out from under an already sluggish economy.

But although speakers admitted that a few predictions may need to be revised, their overall forecast was the same: the valve, actuator and pump market is doing well and poised for a brighter 2012. Most presenters also agreed that while no double-dip recession is in sight, this recovery is nothing like recession recoveries of the past—strategies may need to be different.

“There is still force in our sails … it just might be time to adjust those sails to the prevailing winds,” Alan Beaulieu, economist and president of the Institute for Trend Research, emphasized.


The State of U.S. Refining: Increased Output, Canadian Ties

the state of u.s. refining increased output canadian tiesOne of the overall trends in the refining industry in this country today is that, while the number of refineries being built is stagnated and has been for many years, the operable capacity of the refineries has steadily increased, remaining strong during the economic recession, according to Cindy Schild, refining issues manager for the American Petroleum Institute. She spoke before a group of valve and pump professionals at the Valve Manufacturers Association’s annual Market Outlook Workshop, held Aug. 11-12 in Boston.

2012 Market Outlook: Economic picture is not as grim as it’s painted to be

Beaulieu-MOW-11The downfall in the stock market that occurred just as the Market Outlook Workshop  was about to begin was only the “prick that burst the bubble” of the miraculous exuberance the market experienced in the previous months, according to Alan Beaulieu, president of the Institute for Trend Research. What’s more, the potential negative consequences have been “way overplayed” in the media, he said.

Valve World Americas: Saudi Aramco Investing in Global Energy Security

SAUDI-ARABIA-MAP_150pxA number of interesting and informative sessions took place at Valve World Americas, held June 21-22, 2011 in The Woodlands, TX. We continue our online series of highlights from some of the sessions attended by Valve Magazine editors.

Rajan Hingoraney, Valve Specialist for Aramco Services Company, Houston, discussed Saudi Aramco’s market outlook during one of the Valve World Americas plenary sessions. His positive presentation gave those attending reason for optimism, which added to the positive atmosphere at the conference.

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