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2011 Valve Shipments Forecast

Valve-against-sky_150pxVMA’s annual valve shipment forecast had some positive news for the industry: modest growth for the second year in a row.

The Valve Manufacturers Association, which looks at valve shipments in the U.S. and Canada each spring, predicted the industry will see an increase of about 1.5% to $3.91 billion in 2011 from $3.85 billion in 2010. That’s approaching the all-time peak of about $4 billion, which was reached in 2008.

The International Market: Trade and Its Effects on U.S. Recovery

gary schlossbergAlthough the nation began pulling out of the recession in about the middle of 2009, by the time of VMA’s Market Outlook Workshop in mid-August, the growth that started in 2009 had slowed down, a development that was more noticeable here in the U.S. than overseas, according to Gary Schlossberg (pictured), senior economist for Wells Capital Management. That’s because non-U.S. economic activity, to a greater extent than in the past, has been driven by the developing world, he explained. Because of their more limited exposure to the recent financial crisis, along with their growing strength and size today, the developing countries have held out better against certain pressures, he explained.


Forecast for the Pulp & Paper Industry: It’s a Mixed Bag

treeThe U.S. pulp industry is now relatively consolidated with the top five companies in the U.S. accounting for 60% of revenue share in 2009, Michael Armstrong, vice president of advisory services, PricewaterhouseCoopers said when speaking to a group of valve manufacturers at VMA’s Market Outlook Workshop, held last month in San Francisco. He explained the industry has also become a vertical market with certain companies specializing in certain types of paper; and some smaller companies have been able to compete effectively by specializing and reducing costs by locating mills close to timber and customer supplies

A Wall Street Perspective: Indicators ‘Paint a Mixed Picture'

wall streetWall Street expert Michael Halloran, vice president for Robert W. Baird and Company, believes there is no double dip recession in sight, a sentiment echoed by other economists at VMA's Market Outlook Workshop, held Aug. 12-13 in San Francisco. He also said that overall, the U.S recession ended in the third quarter of 2009 and indicators are that the nation is now in a recovery and acceleration mode, though he said indicators "paint a mixed picture" of how soon that recovery will arrive.


Construction: Residential Begins to Stabilize; Commercial to Falter

constructionLeading up to publication of Valve Magazine’s 2010 Market Outlook cover story (mid-October), we take a look at a few of the industries that we did not have room to address in the print edition, but are available for our readers here on ValveMagazine.com. We previously covered the pulp & paper market. Check back in a few days for a look at the mining market.

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