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Electric Actuator Commissioning

Typically, electric actuator commissioning is performed when the actuator is installed at site. This is because, except for basic settings, the OEM cannot perform commissioning nor can it be done at the place of automation. Proper commissioning should include the operating controls so that the entire system is included in the process and of course, the valve manufacturer or automation center typically doesn’t have the control system.

Gearboxes 101

Gears have a long history and have been used for many purposes throughout civilization. By starting with an initial source of motion and force, then combining that with intermediate gearing, engineers and designers throughout time have created functions that result in output of desired motion and force for purposes of performing many different functions. Many forms of gearboxes exist that incorporate different features, depending on the manufacturer. The intent of this article is to touch on a few and provide a generalized overview of gearbox function and features. (LEFT: One of the earliest uses for gears in an industrial situation was for mills. This is the  Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, WV.)

Variable Frequency Drives in Electric Actuators

Electric actuators are vital for operating a wide variety of valves and are used in many industrial applications. Most of these actuators offer a single output speed, which may or may not be the most desirable solution for the needs of a specific application. An alternative is an electric actuator provided with an integral variable frequency drive, which allows various, speed-dependent solutions.


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