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ITT Engineered Valves: Integrated Sensing Platform

Engineered Valves ISP on EnviZion ValveITT Inc.’s Engineered Valves brand is proud to introduce the Integrated Sensing Platform (ISP), a cutting-edge valve sensing platform developed to reliably monitor valve position. With advanced capabilities in calibrating, operating, and communicating with diaphragm valves, the ISP provides customers reduced piping footprint, shortened set up time and simplified operation.

The ISP sensing module is closely integrated with the patent-pending valve actuator to provide a compact assembly, up to 70% shorter than current assemblies on the market. The non-contact sensing technology provides highly accurate and repeatable valve position feedback with no moving parts to wear. Calibration of the device is fast and simple, whether utilizing the external magnetic dongle or with the newly created ISP app.

The ISP app will allow customers to remotely calibrate and operate their valves through a series of steps on an iPhone or iPad. The app offers users the ability to track valve performance over time and to log specific valve information and maintenance history. The information is easily accessed and reviewed via the app.

For more information, visit www.engvalves.com

Rotork: Plug and Socket Option for IQ Range

rotork adds plug and socket option to iq rangeThe new optional modular Rotork plug and socket interface provides a fast connect / disconnect option for IQ3 multi-turn and IQT3 part-turn actuators, encompassing 3-phase, 1-phase and DC (IQT3 only) electrical variants and including many actuators with explosionproof EXd enclosures conforming to ATEX, IECEx, CSA and CSAus international standards. The plug and socket terminal cover maintains the integrity of the actuator’s double-sealed enclosure and IP68 watertight environmental protection (submersible in 20 metres of water for 10 days).

A plug and socket interface is favoured in some industries for providing quick and easy field wiring and quick removal or interchange of actuators for maintenance and other operating requirements. The Rotork solution provides further flexibility to the advanced, user-friendly design of the IQ actuators. These include secure Bluetooth® non-intrusive setting and commissioning, an information-rich display, real-time status reporting and configurable datalogging to provide detailed analysis of the valve condition and asset management support. 

For more information, visit www.rotork.com

AUMA: The AUMA Cloud

auma cloudAUMA has expanded its digital services portfolio with the new AUMA Cloud, a free and secure cloud-based solution for cost-effective asset management and true condition-based predictive maintenance, promoting high plant availability.

The AUMA Cloud provides an easy-to-use interactive platform to collect and assess detailed device information on all the AUMA actuators in a plant. The cloud allows plant operators to detect excessive loads or other problems at an early stage and take remedial action in time to prevent potential failures.

AUMA actuators are equipped with comprehensive data logging facilities. Their AC integral controls automatically store a wide variety of operating data including number of motor starts, motor running time, temperatures, vibration, torques, warning signals and faults. This data provides valuable information on the loads the actuators and their related valves have experienced over their lifetimes.

For more information, visit www.auma.com

DeZURIK: Custom Hydraulic Power Units

DeZURIK Custom HPUDeZURIK's Custom Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) are designed and manufactured to meet field application requirements. The HPU skid design includes all necessary components and a control panel to drive single or multiple hydraulic cylinder valve actuators. The custom HPU is available in a range of configurations including high pressure hydraulic with or without accumulation, low pressure air over water, or nitrogen over water. Custom designs can accept various power sources such as electric, gas, or diesel. Custom HPU skid designs are engineered to meet challenging environmental criteria and site space constraints.

For more information, visit www.dezurik.com

AUMA: Electronic Position Transmitter

A new electronic position transmitter designed to simplify end position adjustments for actuators has been developed by AUMA. The EWG is compatible with its predecessor, the RWG, which ensures rapid replacements and retrofits.

Advantages provided by the EWG include continuous recording of the valve’s current position, and transmission as an analogue 0 – 20 mA or 4 – 20 mA signal to the control system. Inverse operation is also possible. End position adjustment is simple and straightforward, as tools are not required. Valve position detection is contactless and avoids wear.

For more information, visit www.auma.com

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