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Henry Pratt Company: Rotary Cone Valves

Pratt Rotary Cone Valve imagePratt Rotary Cone Valves help applications with high velocity and pressure by maintaining constant pressure downstream and regulating flow. The anti-cavitation trim is a new added feature that protects the valve when there is a high pressure differential by modulating the flow to sustain the pressure and prevent cavitation damage. All this comes with minimal maintenance due to its high strength design, metal seats and long service life. These features allow for a low yearly operating cost. Available in sizes 8" to 48".

For more information, visit www.henrypratt.com

Flowserve: Valtek FlowTop GS Integrated Valve

Flowserve Valtek FlowTop GS Integrated ValveThe Valtek FlowTop general service (GS) valve is engineered to help refineries, petrochemical facilities and other operations balance valve performance and cost. The fully integrated offering includes a FlowTop GS globe body assembly, a FlowAct pneumatic diaphragm actuator and a Logix digital positioner (with automatic calibration).

The FlowTop GS valve handles a wide selection of process control applications for high‐flow applications in the oil and gas, chemical, power and general service industries. It can be matched to a variety of trim types, providing excellent rangeability and repeatability. Class C fugitive emissions packing options reduce environmental impact, improve plant safety, and meet ISO 15848-1 Class B CC1 and ISO 15848-1 Class C standards.

For more information, visit www.flowserve.com

A-T Controls: Three-Plate Attenuator for Segment Control Valve

A T Controls Three Plate Attenuator for Segment Control ValveA-T Controls has added a three-plate attenuator as an option to their Segment Control valve line. The attenuator is designed to break pressure drop down to lower the pressure recovery of the control valve. This allows the valve to operate in higher pressure drop applications to help prevent cavitation and reduce noise production from the valve. The design lets the valve maintain its shutoff rating as well as maintain an equal percent flow characteristic. It is available in VS, VM and VV series segment control valve

For more information, visit a-tcontrols.com

Spirax Sarco: Stainless Steel Spira-trol Control Valves

Spirax Sarco Spira TrolSpirax Sarco US announces the addition of stainless steel to its Spira-trol line of modular control valves, which ship in four days or less through the company’s Quick Ship program. The valves leave the factory preconfigured for the intended application, simplifying installation and minimizing customer downtime.

In addition to stainless steel, Spira-trol valves are available in carbon steel and cast iron and include both electrically and pneumatically actuated models. Sizes from one-half inch to four inches, as well as flanged ANSI 150 versions, are available through the Quick Ship program. Spira-trol valves also come in sizes up to eight inches with ANSI 600 pressure envelopes, offering complete control solutions for HVAC, process, power and severe service applications.

For more information, visit www.spiraxsarco.com

ITT Engineered Valves: EnviZion Product Line for BioPharm Industry

BioviZionManualActuatedITT Inc.'s Engineered Valves brand is proud to announce the latest addition to the extensive EnviZion valve product line. The new BioviZion fractional size valve includes the breakthrough technology of the EnviZion valve platform in a compact package for 1/4-1/2" applications, with features that provide a more reliable and less costly valve to operate and maintain.

The EnviZion valve platform offers a more streamlined installation and maintenance process, delivering less downtime, longer preventative maintenance cycles and greater production capacity for manufacturers. Assembled with a simple mount and turn motion, the EnviZion valve is maintained in approximately three minutes without using any special tools or difficult torquing procedures. The valve's 360° active seal protection provides leak-free operation, helping eliminate the risk of contamination and the need to re-torque after thermal cycling.

For more information, visit www.engvalves.com

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