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Moog: D936 Series Servo-Proportional Valve

Moog D936 Series Servo Proportional ValveMoog Inc. has introduced its new D936 Series Servo-Proportional Valve. The direct-operated, analog valve is driven by a proportional solenoid and equipped with integrated electronics and closed-loop position control of the spool. The valves are suitable for electrohydraulic control of position, speed, pressure and force in open and closed-loop control systems. Customers will benefit from standard features including: a 4/4-way design with a failsafe position, electronics on the solenoid for a reduced envelope size and added vibration resistance, and exact replacement capabilities when switching from other valves on the market.

"While designing the D936 valve, we interviewed customers to delve into their needs and challenges to create a solution that meets both,” said Dr. Marco Wiegandt, Valve Development Manager for Moog. “We included many of the top requested features in this valve which utilizes next-generation electronics for energy efficiency and extended use lifecycles."

With superior resistance to vibration, temperature and contamination, the D936 Series Servo-Proportional Valve is especially suited for plastics machinery, heavy industry, die casting, the wood industry and mobile applications like concrete pumps. The new valve is also ideal for applications requiring a high degree of precision control including marine, metal forming and presses, gas and steam turbines, and test-lab rigs.

Velan: Torqseal 2.0 Triple Offset Valve

Velan Torqseal 2.0 Triple Offset ValveVelan’s Torqseal 2.0 triple offset valve is engineered to deliver repeatable full bidirectional zero leakage, lower torques, and superior fugitive emissions performance.

Velan has leveraged our 20 years of triple offset valve experience in handling critical applications in the navy, nuclear, and process industries, and an extensive R&D program, to bring customer driven enhancements and optimizations to the Torqseal 2.0 design.

This versatile valve provides lower cost of ownership through improved service life, fugitive emissions control, less downtime, and lower maintenance.

For more information, visit www.velan.com/torqseal

Spirax Sarco: Bellows Seal Valve Product Range

Spirax Sarco Bellows Seal Valve Product RangeSpirax Sarco has expanded its product line to include a range of Bellows Seal Valves including the BSA and A3S isolation valves. These product solutions are engineered to maintain plant safety and save energy by totally eliminating stem seal leaks. This release will help oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage customers save energy and ensure operator and plant safety.

Spirax Sarco's BSA valve range is a flexible and user-friendly isolation solution that includes a throttling plug that allows manual regulation to adjust line pressure and flow. It can also be used as a basic control valve or a substitute for "bypass" lines. The high integrity A3S bellows sealed valve is suitable for use under higher pressure steam, gas, and liquid applications as it is designed to ASME Class 800. 

For more information, visit www.spiraxsarco.com

Solon Manufacturing Co: Flange Washers

Solon eNews image 8.27.2020Solon Flange Washers add elasticity to the fastening system in cryogenic flange applications where it is critical to use a spring material that provides excellent mechanical spring properties while remaining ductile when cold temperatures and corrosion prove problematic. Solon Manufacturing Co. recently conducted an independent, third-party analysis on the suitability of using of 17-7PH stainless steel flange washers in cryogenic applications, such as the LNG industry. Download the analysis to learn more about the test procedure and results, along with resultant curves displaying typical load vs. displacement curve, elastic displacement and deflection on increasing and decreasing force. 

Setpoint Integrated Solutions: SNAP Virtual Service

Setpoint SNAPSetpoint Integrated Solutions announces SNAP, an online booking tool that gives customers easy, remote access to technical experts.

Setpoint SNAP is a scheduling tool that quickly connects users with technical and product experts through virtual meetings or phone calls. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the customer experience, Setpoint SNAP allows customers to obtain expert support from the company’s homepage in just 4 clicks.

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges for the petrochemical industry, which relies upon a network of contractors and distributors to supply and maintain process facilities. Setpoint IS is meeting this challenge by making technical experts easier to reach. Customers can find Setpoint SNAP on the company’s homepage and schedule virtual meetings with product, application, and service specialists in seconds.

“We are excited to be first to market with a solution that allows us to continue enhancing our customer relationships, despite disruptions to the way our customers conduct business resulting from COVID-19 restrictions”, says President and CEO Jeff Birch. “While this solution addresses an immediate need to improve communication during the pandemic, it is part of a broader, company-wide, drive to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.”

Setpoint Integrated Solutions is committed to fully supporting customers, no matter the circumstances. The tool can be accessed directly from Setpoint’s homepage. SNAP will not replace or eliminate any existing customer access points.

For more information, visit www.setpointis.com

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