CONVAL: Clampseal Urea Service Valves

conval clampseal urea service valvesConval, a global leader in high-performance valves, now offers Clampseal Urea Service Valves for high-pressure piping of urea reactors, strippers and condensers. These are ideal for use with ammonium carbonate, nitric acid and urea process fluids.

Conval Urea Service Valves comply to all International Standards including ISO 9001, and come in ½-inch through 4-inch sizes with flanged end, hub connector, or weld ends, through ASME/ANSI Class 2500. Accessories include electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators; open, closed or both locking devices; single- or dual-limit switches; and position indicator. Key features include pressure-actuated backseat; integral gland wrench; modular, interchangeable body styles; axial-loaded packing system, and two-year warranty.

Synthetic urea is created from synthetic ammonia and carbon dioxide and can be produced as a liquid or a solid. Approximately 1 million pounds of urea are manufactured in the United States alone each year, most of it used in fertilizers. Because the nitrogen in urea makes it water soluble, it is highly desired in this application. Urea is also used in commercial and industrial applications to produce some kinds of plastics, animal feed, glues, toilet bowl cleaners, dish washing machine detergents, hair coloring products, pesticides and fungicides. Medicinally, synthetic urea is used in dermatological products that re-hydrate the skin, and diuretics.

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