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Emerson: ASCO 141 Series ARCS

Emerson ASCO 141 Series Advanced Redundant Control System ARCSEmerson has released its ASCO 141 Series Advanced Redundant Control System (ARCS) to provide a redundant solution for a variety of emergency shutdown valve applications, such as those found in the chemical, power, oil and gas industries. Available globally, it includes various redundant solenoid configurations to enhance the reliability of the process and meet specific safety or reliability requirements in automation processes. The single inlet/single outlet design provides a streamlined installation process compared to traditional bypass systems, while almost eliminating potential failure points.

The ASCO 141 series ARCS is designed for use as a component in safety instrumented systems. Utilizing 1oo2, 2oo2 or 2oo3 voting solenoids to enhance the reliability of the circuit, it functions as a redundant pneumatics tripping device to control the pilot air signal to a process valve actuator. The ARCS features either two or four electrically actuated solenoid valves, visual indicators and a manually controlled bypass or isolation valve. The unique control functionality allows for maintenance of the solenoid valves without having to shut down the process valve. In fact, the use of the maintenance bypass or isolation valve is not required for functional testing of the ARCS unit — a downtime-reducing feature not possible with common bypass functions.

For more information, visit www.emerson.com

Valtorc: Series 800 Solenoid Valves

Valtorc series 800 solenoid valvesValtorc International has introduced into the marketplace it's High Performance All stainless steel Flanged ends Ansi class 150# solenoid valves. Normally closed design with Zero Differential pressure to operate. The Series 800 Valtorc USA all Stainless Steel design for corrosive media applications, and the flanged ends design will fit in most piping applications. The Series 800 comes with different seat configurations, epdm, buna, viton and teflon seats, for different corrosive media applications. Standard with Normally closed design, and optional Normally open configuration. The Valtorc USA series 800 solenoid valves are available from 1/2" sizes to 4" All stainless steel material. These models are readily available with standard lead times, and are ready for immediate purchase.

For more information, visit www.valtorc.com

Emerson: ASCO Series 353 Pulse Valve

Emerson ASCO Series 353 Pulse ValveEmerson is introducing its newly redesigned ASCO Series 353 Pulse Valve, designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users achieve a more effective, efficient and convenient bag cleaning every time. With a higher peak pressure, wider temperature range, patented quick mount clamp connection and overall part simplification, the new series provides longer bag and filter life and lower maintenance.

The new valve can be used in a wide range of applications, including concrete processing, grain, agriculture and feed, metalworking (abrasive blasting), food processing, foundries, pharmaceutical, mining, rubber mixing/processing, metal processing, lime industry, cement factories, power plants and steel mills.

For more information, visit www.emerson.com

ASCO: Series 385 Solenoid Operated Rocker Isolation Valves

ASCO Series 385With one of the broadest offerings of fluid control products for the analytical & Medical market, Emerson is expanding its ASCO™ Series 385 solenoid operated rocker isolation valves to include new connection formats. The new options will provide far greater installation flexibility, enabling improved machine design and simplifying assembly.

The ASCO™ Series 385 3-way valves control the flow of aggressive, high-purity fluids in clinical diagnostic technologies and bioinstrumentation, including hematology platforms. The valve design feature hermetic separation of the control mechanism and fluid-preventing particulate contamination and ensuring sample and reagent purity. The use of superior materials and thorough valve testing ensures high reliability and a long lifetime of at least 1 million cycles. The ASCO™ series 385 is suitable for vacuum applications.

For more information, visit www.asco.com

ASCO: Expands Numatics G3 and 580 Series Electronic Platforms

ASCO 501 128valve manifold diag1 plug 5ASCO has announced that its Numatics G3 Series and Numatics 580 Series electronic platforms have been expanded to control up to 128 solenoid valves on a single valve manifold assembly.

The expanded G3 and 580 Series platforms feature flexible and cost-effective process control architecture that permits the design engineer or end-use specifier to optimize the size of the control cabinet for the number of required valves.

The expanded valve platforms can support 128 Numatics 501 Series solenoid valves and 80 Numatics 502 and 503 Series valves. They are the only products available that can support 80 18 mm and larger valve sizes on a single manifold.

For more information, visit www.asco.com

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