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TRILLIUM Valves USA: Atwood & Morrill Forged Wye Globe Valves

Trillium Forged Wye Globe without backgroundTRILLIUM Valves USA announces the shipment of its first order of Atwood & Morrill Forged Wye Globe Valves. The valve shown is the first of nine forged F91 wye stop check valves for high pressure main steam lines to be installed at three combined cycle plants in the southeast United States.

Atwood & Morrill developed the forged ASTM A182 F91 valves to address life cycle concerns that have been identified by combined cycle power plants using cast ASTM A217 C12A valve bodies.

Forged valves minimize material defects and provide better quality and longer life valves.  

Mark Claffey, TRILLIUM Valves USA President, commented, “The Product Development Process for F91 gate and wye valves started in 2017. We introduced the forged parallel slide gate valves in 2018 and we completed our first production cycle of the forged wye valves in September 2020. By developing Atwood & Morrill forged gate and wye valves, TRILLIUM Valves USA responded to customer needs within the power industry. This is a significant achievement and I would like to thank all members of the Development Team for their hard work and dedication.”

For more information, visit www.trilliumflow.com

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